The Extra Days

Extra Day International: 17 November 2021 


Extra Day Solutions: 24 February 2021


E uropean Conferences United organizes several Extra Days and meetings (webinars, digital panels and physical networking dinners) in the days preceding the physical e-Retail Congress, which will be held in Warsaw on 1-2 June 2022.

Any professional interested in e-commerce and related digital issues can register for webinars, while interactive discussions at the round table (so-called Flamebonds) and dinners (so-called Dinners2Connect) are held by personal invitation only.

If you would like to be invited to participate in Flamebond and / or Dinners organized by European Conferences United, please select Flamebond / Dinner in the registration form below.

Only top managers (CEO and above) gather for dinners, and more information on Flamebonds can be found here .


The idea of ​​organizing Extra Days;

The e-Retail Congress is strongly oriented towards action, innovation and improvement. By organizing Extra Days before the event, we introduce you to the concept and content of the congress, and subsequent meetings after the congress deepen the knowledge and maintain contact between participants, which results in additional professional successes.


Upcoming webinars;

Extra Day International: 17 November 2021 


Extra Day Solutions: 24 February 2022



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